A production

An immersive expedition to discover the history of life

With Life Chronicles, embark on an exceptional immersive expedition and experience the major stages of the evolution of the planet and living things since their origins.

Equipped with a virtual reality headset, you will begin your adventure several billion years ago!

A real journey back in time to admire the landscapes of the past and meet spectacular animals such as immense centipedes, marine reptiles or even dinosaurs...

A fun and educational experience

For 45 minutes, let yourself be amazed by the beauty and richness of life.

From the bottom of the ocean, through tropical forests, travel through the paleo-landscapes of major geological periods and discover, among other things: the first traces of life from the Archaean (-3,5 billion years ago), the rise of animal life in the Cambrian (520 million years ago), the large dinosaurs of the Cretaceous (67 million years ago) and the appearance of the human lineage (between 100 and 000 years ago). )… 

Accompanied by a virtual guide, the young researcher Charlie, and her little robot Darwin, you and your group will approach the various species that have inhabited the Earth. Who will dare to get closer to the tyrannosaurus?

A scientific story

Designed to be as precise as possible, this immersive expedition is the result of close collaboration between Excurio and the National Museum of Natural History.

Paleontologists, paleobotanists, evolution specialists and bioacousticians from the Museum contributed to the project, from writing the scenario to 3D production, including the creation of the graphic and sound worlds.

Thus, if Life Chronicles offers a dreamlike and sensitive – sometimes humorous – immersion into the heart of life, all the information presented there has been rigorously validated from a scientific point of view.





Ludovic Marguerie
William Martini
Francis Nief

Creative Director

William Martini

Scientific commissioner

Bruno David
Sylvain Charbonnier
Gaël Clement
Guillaume Lecointre

Full price
32 € / pers.
Reduced price
PMR, Job seekers,
-18 years old, students
25 € / pers.
Group rate
From 4 people
25 € / pers.


Minimum age of 8 years
No heart problems, epilepsy or wearing a pacemaker

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